Service Areas

Agencies providing assistance focus in one, two or all three areas – housing, career development, and counseling support.


An essential part of any re-entry plan, stable housing is a requirement.  Halfway houses are not for everyone, but the ones we list through WesTCORE have a track record of compassionate care and positive outcomes.  All programs have some sort of fee attached, though they differ greatly.  Visit the Housing section to learn more.

Career Development

Whether it is getting a job, or developing a career, stable employment will be an integral part of successful re-entry.  Program recommended through WesTCORE are designed to help put you on a path to independence.  Space in these programs are extremely limited and applications are competitive.  Visit the Career Development section to learn more.

Counseling Support

At the root of struggling, all of us share a common need for help in dealing and coping with life’s challenges.  Whether it is addiction, abuse, anger or anything that is holding you back, it is extremely important that you are able to get help.  Counseling support providers are professional, trained, and willing to work with someone with your background.  All programs, however, are extremely demanding.  Counselors recommended through WesTCORE all have a fee, but are willing to serve your needs on a sliding scale.  Visit the Counseling Support section to learn more.